About Us

Bizarre Proje was founded in 1998 as a stainless metal design firm with a decade of knowledge, and, works in metal furniture and accessory industries with the today’s technology.

Our companie’s activities’ are ranging from big hotels to small retailers, our team is right next to you with utmost attention to detail during all the stages between design and production with its expertise in furniture, wood, metal and indoors design from airports.

We are constantly adapting and improving our manufactory in Bursa, Turkey to appeal for projects from any level or quality.

As Bizarre Proje, we follow the news upclose with a dynamic structure with the aim to improve its identity and vision in the global market.
As Bizarre, we are focused on customer satisfaction with attention to detail with the help of our team consisting of architects, project managers and many other talented professionals. We commit to complete all the requirements of the hardware and furniture in every stage of the R&D process.